The Children’s Sculpture Garden will have a new addition this spring! The Leaf Pavilion, pictured left, is scheduled for installation in early 2006.

Laumeier is working with St. Louis County Parks Landscape Architect and Project Manager, Gerry Biedenstein, as well as Kent Thieling of the St. Louis County Parks Division of Forestry, to complete the Pavilion.

The Pavilion is a mechanical yet organic form that mimics the natural environment where it is placed. A variety of uses will include a place to create a dialog about art; to gather groups; to use for impromptu presentations, art camp activities and special events.

The Pavilion at the Children’s Sculpture Garden will serve as a focal point, a place to incorporate tour activities, to display visual information, as well as an area for educational programming. Created with architectural elements that resemble plant-like forms, the Pavilion will be integrated into the natural environment as an organic structure – a reflection of the nature that surrounds it.

Laumeier’s programming objective for the Children’s Sculpture Garden is to provide additional opportunities for children to gain experience in art and artistic expression through presentation, participation, interpretation and examination.

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